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Natalie Cooney , MA MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“I remember the challenges of being raised in a family with divorce and addiction – the constant confusion, the unpredictability, and the blame. I learned to shut down in an attempt to maintain safety and deny my feelings of fear, distrust, loneliness and pain.

Over time the stored memories and feelings of my experiences began to seep into my relationships, work life, and especially my body. Wrought with anxiety and bitterness, I found myself shaky, tense, constantly on edge. There were headaches, knots in my stomach and pain radiating down my arms and back.

I learned that the body sends messages for us to pay attention to. I started becoming more aware of my body and noticing what I was feeling. This began a long journey towards reconnecting with myself. With the gentle guidance of professionals who knew that what my body was feeling was deeply connected to my inner life, I learned to calm my nervous system. Discovering the connection between my body’s sensations and my past experiences made room for the disconnected parts of my life to process and heal.
Talking about my feelings was helpful, understanding my family dynamics was helpful as well, but I also needed to reconnect with my body. The emotions and the experiences of my past were all there, waiting for acknowledgement, honor and acceptance.

When painful events like rejections, abandonments and violations take place in our lives, they are stored in the nervous system and need to be addressed at that level. I help clients process stored memories and unlock feelings that are stuck in the body and create interventions to help you release trauma and move forward. I’m grateful for those who helped me rescue myself and I’m honored to offer this process to others.”

Natalie’s experience as a therapeutic body worker, a Marriage and Family Therapist & Somatic Experiencing (Advanced Level) trainee fosters whole-self transformation. Her attention to restoring goodness in the mind, heart, soul & body comes from her understanding of our deep need for connection with all the parts of ourselves & connection with others. Healing these connections are vital to feeling deeply alive.

Natalie specializes in:

  • Trauma work, emotional pain & distress
  • Feeling held back from past experiences
  • Chronic tension, sensitivity, restlessness and nervous system issues
  • Relationship issues



Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #94578
Member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
California Certified Massage Practitioner CMP#31160
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professional Member



M.A. in Marital and Family Therapy from Bethel University
B.A. in Health Psychology from Azusa Pacific University
Somatic Experiencing (in process)
EMDR I & II trained
Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples Externship Trained


Somatic Experiencing with Natalie from Elaine Hamilton on Vimeo.


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