Soul Care House

Soul Care Summer Nights

Date: Thu 6/22/2017 - Thu 8/24/2017
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Facilitator: Matt Bishop

Join us for this three-part series focusing on strengthening your relationships. Each night will have a different theme with unique activities revolving around connecting with yourself and your partner. 

For: Any pair of people. You could be married, engaged, dating, good friends, parent-child, or anything else. 


June 22 - A Night of Reflection and Guided Imagery
Stillness is a gift that we all too often forget to unwrap. Regardless if you take the time to engage in mindfulness and daily reflection or your self-care has been long neglected, join us for a night of self-discovery and personal insight followed by sharing your experiences with your partner.

July 20 - A Night of Courage, Vulnerability, and Something Wild
This night will be split into two parts. The first will be about identifying self-talk that keeps us from living courageously in our relational, professional, and personal life. The second part we will turn the night over to Kara from Something Wild who will guide us through creating some beautiful floral designs for ourselves or as a gift to another.

August 24 - A Night of Embracing Our Needs
Far too often we get stuck on autopilot and learn to just get by while our emotional life is left unattended. Like a car that hasn't been maintained, we just hope we can make it from point a to point b without breaking down. This night will help us identify what needs that we've had that have gone unmet, how we can give ourselves permission to ask for them, and how we can appropriately meet the needs of our partner.


$150 per group for all 3 nights
June 22 - $60 per group
July 20 - $80 per group
August 24 - $60 per group


*If you wish to pay for single nights, instead of all 3, select the night you want under the "Which event is this for?" drop-down below. 

The Soul Care Barn
1525 W Lewis Street
San Diego, California 92103

Cost: $60/night

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