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Choosing Fearlessness - The Brave Board & Learning to Live Out Loud

December 10, 2014 | Leave a comment

In some ways, being a therapist is like being a midwife—amazing transformations are taking place in people’s lives all the time, and we have the privilege of witnessing many of those transformations happening. In the last couple of months, we’ve watched some great examples of clients making brave and fearless choices, and having the courage to put them down on paper to share with others. We wanted to give you a little peek of what we’ve seen.

This fall’s Brave Board was a big success! We encouraged people to post the brave steps they’ve been making in their lives to share with the Soul Care community, and it’s been amazing to watch it fill up.

Some highlights:

I’m following my heart’s desire to surf!
I’m spending time with all my emotions (even the scary ones…anger! sadness)
I can feel deep vulnerability without shame
I am asking for and receiving help for the first time
I am learning that following my passions does not make me selfish, it makes me brave

Our art journaling group, Learning to Live Out Loud, hosted by therapist Lisa Kemble, was also an amazing journey of taking risks and seeing people find their voices in new ways. A few of the participants were even brave enough to let Lisa photograph some of their artwork to share with you—I hope you find it as beautiful, moving and brave as we do.

Living Out Loud was such a hit that we’re going to offer the group again in January!