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We Want to See You Be Brave

October 3, 2014 | Leave a comment

By: Amie Sharp BeMent

When the Soul Care House dream began, one of our desires was for it to build a community that was proud of what they are doing in therapy. A community that could share with each other what they were learning and how they are growing, without criticism and judgment.

I thought about this recently when I read blog post by Shauna Neiquist ( She shared that in her son’s class, his teacher had created a board on which she would post tests and papers that they could be proud of, as a way to affirm them and their hard work. It was called the Pride Board. I thought this was a lovely idea for kids but maybe we adults could use one too.

Most of the time we’re doing quite the opposite. It’s like somewhere inside of us we’ve installed a big ugly Shame Board, and are regularly covering it with sticky notes that say “You’re not doing enough, You’re not good enough; People only see you as an addict; No one respects you; You should work-out more, eat more kale, call your grandma more, . . . .” Every day, we add to our Shame Board, cutting ourselves down, reminding ourselves that we are not ok, buying into those messages that we’ve been carrying around for years, reinforcing those horrible voices.

So we decided to do something tangible as a community to counteract that. Something that would fly in the face of those lies.

We’ve created a Brave Board and set it up in our living room as a way for us fight against our Shame Board. And we are inviting our team, our clients, and anyone who wanders in to take a minute to acknowledge the hard, brave things they are doing to take care of themselves and their relationships. If you’re wondering if you have anything to offer to our Brave Board, let me help you out:

You are brave when you drag yourself to therapy or recovery.
You are brave when you say NO to something or someone that’s not healthy for you.
You are brave when you set boundaries.
You are brave when you confront someone in a grown-up way.
You are brave when you go to SA.
You are brave when you cry
You are brave when you let people in.
You are brave when you take a risk.
You are brave when you make healthy choices for yourself.
You are brave!

So next time you come to the Soul Care House, we invite you, before or after an appointment, to take some time, and create an anonymous post on our Brave Board. Share with our community a courageous step you are taking in your life. We want to celebrate with you! Let’s inspire each other and let’s be proud of the hard work we are doing! Come on, show us your brave!! Cue Sara Bareilles…again. (love her!)