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Kyleigh Baker , MA MFT

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

"I spent much of my life doing whatever I could to numb and avoid pain—the pain of rejection, of unmet needs, of anxiety, of childhood neglect and abuse, and of the gnawing belief that I wasn’t good enough. Busyness, chasing achievements, and romantic relationships were among strategies I used to not feel. I deeply desired love and connection, but I also sabotaged relationships and avoided intimacy partly because I believed the lie that I was too damaged. I learned attention-seeking behaviors that “soothed” me just enough, but somewhere deep down I knew I deserved so much more than I was giving myself and allowing from others—I felt stuck!  So, I sought out therapy.

Therapy helped me realize that these destructive behaviors were symptoms of deeper past hurts and of shameful beliefs about myself that I had adopted along the way. I realized taking care of myself isn’t selfish, but it’s actually necessary for having healthy relationships. I learned how to be vulnerable and be seen. Self-compassion, mindfulness, and the integration of my body with my emotions and thoughts have been essential to my process of disowning shame and becoming my true self.

Ultimately, I believe that when you discover your authentic self—the inherently loveable and worthy human you are— in your mind, body, and spirit, you can develop fulfilling connections with others and yourself. I can help you do this by exploring how your belief systems, meaning-making processes, behaviors, relationships, and past experiences that are currently keeping you stuck. Throughout the process, I will help guide you away from those shameful and self-critical voices and toward curiosity, awareness of your body, self-compassion, and self-acceptance. Making sense of your story with self-compassion will empower you to make different choices and self-care will come much more naturally, which sets the foundation for healthy relationships (with Self & Other)."

Kyleigh specializes in:

  • Adult survivors of childhood trauma: sexual, physical, and emotional abuse
  • Self-esteem & self-care issues
  • Issues relating to sexuality (i.e., orientation, trauma, acting out, and partners of sex addicts)
  • Adult trauma (i.e., domestic violence, violent loss, sexual violation)
  • Adult children of substance/alcohol abusers 



Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #100581 
Supervised by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist



B.A. in Linguistics from San Diego State University
M.A. in Marital and Family Therapy from Bethel Seminary


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