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Tracy Carson , MA PC

Registered Professional Clinical Counselor

"For much of my adolescence and young adulthood I longed for a story to tell.  Because of the brokenness and dysfunction in my own family of origin, I wasn’t quite sure what my story was, I just knew I wanted a different one than the one I was living.  My growing up years were filled with high highs and low lows and that instability led to a deep search for significance.  I was constantly striving for the approval of others, never feeling comfortable in my own skin, which was covered in severe acne for much of my high school years.  This led to deep insecurity and experiences of bullying including hateful messages from peers telling me to not bother coming to school the next day because I was disgusting. When graduation came, I couldn’t wait to run as far away from that as I could.

Running only got me so far though. I ran to college and while that fresh start presented temporary redemption, the challenge to understand my true identity remained. I struggled to understand what it meant to be authentic and confident while still being wounded and broken at the same time. Not to mention the fact that nothing was changing when I traveled back home to my family. Thus began my own deep journey of therapeutic work through which I discovered permission to be all of me, the awareness that not everything is my fault and the freedom to know that the fate of everything doesn’t rest squarely on my own shoulders.  Slowly I am learning. Each new season of my life, with different trusted therapists, has given me more opportunity to understand the nuances of my very own story.  The shame that comes from living in a state of chaos for much of my adolescence, the feelings of unworthiness around anyone I deemed better than myself, and the fear of rejection whenever people showed me true and authentic love. The journey is not over (spoiler alert: it never really is) but now I feel equipped and ready for the next discovery, and my therapist is on speed dial.

Learning to love my own story has been a process over time.  Leaning into the idea of stories and especially my own is a significant part of why I became a therapist. It is my great joy and privilege to walk alongside of my clients through their own journey of discovery.

Every heart has so much history, it’s my favorite place to start…"

Tracy has experience working with adolescents through young adults in an in-patient eating disorder facility where she performed individual, group and family therapy and specializes in both adolescents and eating disorders. Beyond that, Tracy is a trained facilitator for sexual assault awareness and prevention and has spent the last two years traveling and speaking to college women about these issues.

Tracy comes to the Soul Care House with six years of experience as a Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor in Arizona. Her Associate status is due to the differences in state licensing requirements.

Tracy specializes in:

  • Eating Disorder Prevention, Treatment, Education and Family Therapy
  • Pre-teen, adolescent and young adult transitions (puberty, bullying, mean girl behavior,
  • social media, identity, independence, self-esteem and overall development)
  •  Adult (and young Adult) children of alcoholics
  • Pre-Marital and Marriage Counseling
  • Trauma, Loss and Grief Recovery


Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #PCCI3538
Member of the American Christian Counseling Association


B.A. in Psychology from Presbyterian College
M.A. in Professional Counseling from Ottawa University
Graduate Diploma in Christian Counseling from Phoenix Seminary


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